• 11 July 2021 – I’ve updated the shows section to include the shows for the shows that I’m aware of until the end of October. I’m not sure how many of the Laws are up-to-date, but I’m going to start reaching out to the different states to inquire about their laws. I also am thinking about adding the venom conference as a show, per say because it’s education and it’s to do with venom.
  • 09 July 2021 – I took a significant break over the course of having lost my hosting company and having to try to recover and get everything rebuilt, and so I lost most of what was done in 2020. However I found old files and had to get everything working, which you can see for yourself. I’m going to be pushing an update through in the next couple of days.


  • 22 February 2019 – I’ve updated the Laws section to add another one that has gotten back with me. I’ve also updated the shows section through June. If anybody knows of any additional venomous shows(excluding Repticon) please contact me.
  • 17 February 2019 – I’m back and apologize for the absence. I had to deal with a couple of issues with family on top of a new promotion at work. I’m sorted now so I should be back doing regular updates very soon. At some point over the last few months the font became messed up, so I’m working on fixing that as well. I’ll have the shows updated in the next couple days while I verify which are still venomous and not. Thanks for the patience.